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K-9 Belly Bands for Male Dogs


  • Model: JOCK-01

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Do you have a territorial “marking” dog or a dog that is “incontinent”?   K-9 Belly Bands should be considered an indispensable necessity for the home.  You will enjoy “relief of mind”; knowing that your male dog is not marking the walls, furniture, carpet and/or unable to control his bladder.


K-9 Belly Bands are custom tailored for male Greyhounds and other large breed male dogs. Sizing is limited to a measurement between 20” – 26” circumference around the intended area of contact.  K-9 Belly Bands are compact in size and intended to contain bodily waste fluids – with comfort in mind.


The Velcro attachment is partially sewn onto a soft colorful cotton fabric and then discreetly wrapped around a stretch elastic band.  The lined containment pouch is wide to readily absorb waste fluids using Maxi® type disposable pads. (Not included)    The Velcro attachment is adjustable and closure is intended to be taut; but not too tight around the dog’s mid-section.


K-9 Belly Bands are safe and non-toxic.  They are hand or machine washable and reusable many times over.  K-9 Belly Bands are available in a variety of colorful fun prints.   We recommend an alternate print with your order; as we may be temporary sold out in your first selection.  All color selections are non-returnable.  Complete instructions are included.

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